Agile Open Canada depends on sponsorship support to subsidize our events and keep them at a reasonable cost to our valued attendees.

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Our present membership is largely from Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, and the surrounding area, with a small portion located across North America. With our local community partnerships we currently have approximately 2600 individuals that we communicate with and invite to Agile Open Canada.

Our members are business professionals and leaders (from multiple disciplines) in the Western Canada area who are looking for opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded people in seeking ways to improve their Agile practice. We also see students, people entering the agile space, and newcomers looking to build their network, seek jobs and/or mentorship.

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Gold Level

Price: $2,000

Tickets Included: 3
Gold Sponsors: 1

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Price: $1,000

Tickets Included: 2
Silver Sponsors: 2

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Price: $500

Tickets Included: 1
Bronze Sponsors: 3

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